About Us

Welcome to Job Fitts. An about us page is a strange concept; isn’t it? Because the truth is the important thing about your talent acquisition is related to us supporting you to achieve your organisational vision rather than who we are.

Let’s make the connections for you relating our expertise and experience to your staffing goals.

Job Fitts has been delivering  the ‘right fit’ candidates into the Australian Financial Services sector and its suppliers since 2003.

We have deep knowledge and unique expertise in the Human Resource field. Our M.D. has over 20 years experience working in both Human Resources and Recruitment with an exceptional understanding of the policies and procedures that are vital in the efficient and compliant running of any organisation.

Having gained experience across various industries including Banking, Hospitality, Education and Quality Assurance with leading multinational organisations in HR functions, we are able to comprehend and contribute positively to our clients’ HR management and Recruitment strategies.

Business and people growth are our passion so much so that we have developed the Platinum Principles Boardroom Series in Sydney and Brisbane for senior leaders where we explore the changes and challenges that leaders now face on a daily basis when it comes to growing their organisations.


What next?

If our level of understanding of the recruiting and staffing space is what your organisation is looking for, then let’s set up a no-obligation call where we can discuss and review your recruiting strategy.

To find out more about how our recruitment process can help your finance organisation call us on (02) 9220 3595 or email us here.

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