Career Transition and Outplacement

Small and large business enterprises (private or public sectors) occasionally need to downsize all levels of personnel or redeploy remaining staff.

As part of a planned redundancy or staff redeployment program we provide intensive unlimited support to affected personnel at any level, across all business and/or industry sectors nationally.

Our Outplacement Transition Program helps outgoing staff embrace new opportunities, protecting your brand at the same time.

Why your organisation needs an Outplacement Program?

Redundancy is increasingly common, as technology and spiralling costs force businesses to scale down their workforce. The whole process can be an emotional rollercoaster, as employees struggle with job losses and employers try to balance the needs of both remaining and outgoing staff.

Our Outplacement Transition Program provides the smooth transition essential to equip departing workers with the tools, strategy and support they need to thrive in a rapidly changing job market.

Clear benefits for you and your employees:

JobFitts offers a valuable resource at a highly stressful time. The benefits of our Outplacement Transition Program include:

For employees facing redundancy:
  • Professional career assessment to establish the most suitable jobs and industries for them.
  • Developing a smart career strategy to help them take the next step.
  • Providing up-to-the-minute information about current market demands.
  • Equipping them with the tools they need to move on.
  • Honing their job application and interview skills.
For your company:
  • Support for outgoing employees at a time of great stress.
  • Recognition of their valuable contribution to your organisation.
  • Morale boost for remaining employees.
  • Proof that you are a caring, responsible and supportive employer.
  • Opportunity to help outgoing employees embrace the future.
  • Minimise the risk of termination lawsuits or public backlash.
  • Strengthen your public image and protect your brand.


Professional branding, including a resume, helps give job seekers a smoother transition.

  • Resume writer services make job seekers 31% more likely to land an interview and 40% more likely to land a job.
  • Recruiters rank professionally written resumes around 60% higher than those written by amateurs.
  • Hiring via social media and professional networks has increased by 73% over the last four years (LinkedIn figures 2015).

Personalised professional branding

Outgoing employees each receive a tailored branding pack containing everything they need to embark on their job search and land interviews faster.

Their pack includes a comprehensive resume, cover letter and LinkedIn bio*, produced by a professional resume writer with more than 20 years of experience.

Our skilled resume writers create unique, branded material to help outgoing employees make a strong impression on recruiters at their target companies, placing them at the head of the pack.

  • Highly customised resumes, never one-size-fits-all.
  • Keyword-rich resumes getting past the job gatekeepers.
  • Branding packs available within one week for a quick transition.

*Service may vary with package type


Professional, caring and customised

The Jobfitts Outplacement Transition Program –

  • Equips outgoing employees with the confidence and skills they need to manage change.
  • Helps them understand and present their transferable skills and specialties.
  • Coaches them in the areas of networking, interviewing and job selection.
  • Supports them to achieve their goal of a new position or desired alternative outcome.


  • 90-minute one-on-one consultation to analyse skills, experience and qualifications, define career goals and identify most closely matched jobs and industries.
  • Personality profiling using the latest tools and surveys to analyse and assess job strengths.
  • Career and employment coaching with skill/study options.
  • Assistance in rewriting professional Hybrid CV.
  • Optimisation of social media profile on LinkedIn.
  • Networking and job search strategies.
  • Intensive interview preparation including coaching for two real life interviews and prospective employer research.
  • Post interview debriefs.
  • Salary negotiation advice.
  • Lifetime support for clients.


97% resolution within six months

We’re always there when clients need us. JobFitts continues to work with clients into the future.

Executive package

Suits employees in executive, senior and management roles, and employees of more than five years’ standing who may be unfamiliar with the requirements of the contemporary job market.

This package provides a comprehensive range of services including social media/LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Non-executive package

Suits employees in mid-level roles, and employees of three to five years’ standing.

This package offers employees intensive assistance in their transition to new roles, excluding social media/LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Rapid fix package

Suits executives and employees in mid-level roles

This package allows a 30-minute initial consultation to assess employee needs, a three-page professionally crafted resume and interview coaching for one real life interview.

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