hr outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing

Hiring right and managing your most valuable resource, People is a multifaceted task best left to experts – after all, employees are one of the most pivotal investment any business makes. Our comprehensive HR consulting portfolio includes the expertise of a senior HR management professional with over 15 years’ experience at leading Australian companies.

This solution is highly sought after by many of our clients; typically businesses whose budget either does not permit a full time HR specialist or one at a sufficiently high level of expertise to drive fine -tuned HR initiatives.

Our HR advisors will work with you to review existing policies and tailor solutions that will improve your workflow, ensure compliance and help you implement practical HR Management strategies and HR best practices within your company.


  • Restructure and redundancies
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance management
  • Employee Surveys
  • Award interpretation
  • Employee Manual development /updates
  • HR forms and templates
  • Job Descriptions & profiling
  • Conditions of Employment – employment contracts


  • Behaviour and Code of Conduct policy
  • Safety and Security policy
  • Email policies
  • Social Media & Blogging policies
  • Mobile Phones & personal calls policy
  • Expenditure & Purchasing guidelines
  • Motor vehicles – licensing
  • Driving infringements
  • Fuel cards
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle safety & security


  • Selection and recruitment
  • Induction, performance and probationary management guidelines and templates
  • Promotions and transfers
  • Role clarity (including position descriptions)
  • Performance management
  • Managing complaints
  • Written and Verbal warning
  • Terminations
  • Handling employees with medical conditions

Incorporates the Fair Work Act
We can help update your HR Policies and Procedures to factor in account changes arising from the Fair Work Act, Fair Work
Regulations, National Employment Standards, Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, Paid Parental Leave & the whole gamut of
Workplace Surveillance Legislation.