Why JobFitts?

The current financial hiring market is changing across the ANZ region. Technology is pivotal to growth and getting the right candidates who fit your company culture who can  also master a changing business landscape, is a complex process.

The latest talent report from LinkedIn on recruiting trends in Australia and New Zealand reports that the quality of hire continues to be the most valuable metric to track performance, and leaders now measure it through employee retention rates. Consequently, employee retention has emerged as a top priority over the next year for ANZ employers.

This metric alone is a valid reason to use the Job Fitts team. Our Track record in permanent placements is several notches above the Australian Recruitment Industry Median.

A typical recruitment company’s role ends with a candidate joining your organisation. However, as Human Capitalisation & Consolidation Specialists, placing a candidate is only the mid-point of our journey alongside your path to success.

We continue to track each of our hire’s progress, in terms of tenure, and elevation into leadership roles. We use this data compiled over several thousand placements to continually improve the Job Fitts, Hire-for-tenure’ algorithm for our clients.

Our fully trained recruitment consultants have a differentiated perspective to the business of hiring.

First and foremost, we are business managers, second, talent identifiers and finally, HR specialists with the ability to sell your brand to the candidate. Here is a brief snapshot of how the process works.


  • First, we connect your business model and the job position deliverables.
  • We then sketch out a tailored and detailed candidate profile.
  • Through our exhaustive market mapping and our comprehensive network and extensive database, we identify a short list of individuals for you to consider.
  • We then ‘sell’ your organisation and the opportunity to the candidates we have identified as an ideal fit while assessing their motivation to take on the role and meet your goals.


Your interface with your potential new hire is at the last stage of a meticulous process of Probe, Screen, Filter, Discuss, Sell and bring to the table.

In summary, because of our experience and expertise, Job Fitts are able to handle your recruiting challenges and issues in finding and hiring the talent your growing business wants.

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