7 Logical Reasons to Choose an External Staffing Firm Over an Inhouse Team

A great business starts with one thing – the right people.  

Unfortunately, in an increasingly competitive jobs market, it can be tough to find the leaders and innovators that will help your company to grow. Many organisations resign themselves to spending weeks, or even months sorting through CVs and resumes and then conducting interviews with inappropriate applicants recommended by an in-house team. However, there is a better way.  

Working with an external staffing firm that not only understands your industry but offers a results-focused approach to filling the gaps in your team environment, can help you take the stress out of recruitment. Here are just seven reasons to consider an external expert when you’re looking for your next star.  

1. They Attract the Best Candidates 

Top-tier talent knows that if they want to get the best career opportunities, then they need to partner with the experts. That’s why there are plenty of high-quality team members out there that already have their details logged with a hiring agency, even though they’re not actively looking for a new job.  

Hardworking recruiters establish strong reputations with talent from a specific sector, simply because they do their job well. This means that it’s much easier and faster to find the hires you need when you work with an external team. When you’re looking for a new manager or leader your external agency will already have a list of executives ready to fill your role.  

2. Access to Passive Candidates

As mentioned above, one of the most appealing things about working with external recruitment agencies is that they have access to “passive” candidates. These are people who might not be actively looking for a new career but are willing to switch roles for the right opportunity.  

External hiring firms not only help you to find the best hires in the job-seeker market, but they can also give you the tools you need to pluck financial leaders and executives directly out of the hands of your competitors.  

3. Candidates, not “Applicants.”

Although internal HR teams know your business, they’re limited in the number of truly qualified people they can put in your potential hiring pile. This means that you may have to settle for someone who isn’t entirely right for your empty role. On the other hand, an external recruitment team gets to know exactly what your business needs and provides you with a handful of highly-targeted potential candidates to interview.  

Simply put, a specialist recruitment agency gives you access to candidates that are more suited to you. For instance, if you’re looking for an innovative account manager to work with your new software, they can find you a financial star with a background in technology.   

4. A Focus on Getting Results

While both internal and external recruitment teams are focused on bringing talent into your team, their driving motivators are different. Your internal team might have many roles to fill throughout the organisation. On the other hand, external recruiters are all about giving you a potential new hire with the skills you need, as quickly as possible. These companies thrive on reputation, and they know that their success depends on giving you an incredible experience.   

5. You’ll Save Time (and Money)

A great recruitment agency knows how important it is to fill positions quickly. After all, the more time you’re left to work without the right talent, the more your business will struggle. Because agencies are ready to start working on your recruitment needs instantly, you can go from writing job descriptions to sorting through LinkedIn profiles and hosting interviews in a matter of weeks.   

6. You Get A New Perspective

While internal staffing teams can understand the ins and outs of your organisation, the fact that they only work with your organisation can mean that their ideas and insights begin to grow stale.

External recruitment companies are always evolving and consistently learning about the latest trends in the market. Your external agency will know what the perfect financial C-Suite hire looks like in the current marketplace, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting the “yes” after an offer.   

7. Better Employer Branding

Finally, thanks to their in-depth expertise in your niche, an external recruitment team can act as a partner to your business. They don’t just give you the right selection of candidates to choose from; they can also help you to improve your employer brand so that your business is more attractive to the right talent.  

Financial recruitment firms know what appeals to the best applicants in the industry, which means that they can help your team to grow and thrive.  

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