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Career Transition and Outplacement

Show your people the respect and compassion they deserve with practical, empathetic career transition and outplacement

Occasionally, organisations need to resize their personnel levels and redeploy staff.

As part of a planned redundancy or staff redeployment program, JobFitts Consultants provide intensive, unlimited support to affected personnel at all levels and across all industry sectors.

Our Outplacement Transition Program provides the smooth transition essential to equip departing workers with the tools, strategy and support they need to thrive in a rapidly changing job market.

This provides clear benefits for you and your employees at a highly stressful time.

For Your Business, Implementing Our Outplacement Transition Program:

  • Demonstrates you are a caring, responsible and supportive employer
  • Assists outgoing employees embrace the future and recognise the potential of new opportunities
  • Recognises the valuable contribution made by departing employees
  • Boosts morale and maintains engagement of remaining employees
  • Minimises the risk of termination lawsuits or public backlash.
  • Avoids public backlash while strengthening your public image to protect your brand

For Employees Facing Redundancy, Our Services Include:

  • Professional career assessment to establish the most suitable jobs and industries for them
  • Helping them understand and present their transferable skills and specialities
  • Coaching in networking, interviewing and job selection
  • Support to achieve their goals and the development of a smart career strategy
  • Resume writing to improve their chances of landing an interview by 31% and converting that interview into employment by 40%

James Smart

Having been made redundant after 19 years, Amrutha expertly helped me successfully navigate the ‘next’ job steps, quickly and painlessly – something that I did not think was possible before I met Amrutha! Amrutha clearly has a deep knowledge of what hiring managers and executives want. This knowledge, combined with her drive and empathy, provided me with genuine advantages. Amrutha helped hone and sharpen my CV, interview skills and pitch for the role. I went into each interview with confidence that only comes from being well taught and prepared. Thank you again Amrutha for your expertise, guidance and care at a time when I needed it most.

Director Finance & Assets - Department of Planning & Environment

A Variety Of Packages To Choose From

JobFitts Outplacement Transition Programs achieve 97% resolution within 6 months. That’s not just a great statistic. It means valuable members of your team have successfully transitioned into new roles and are grateful for the new opportunities the transition has provided.

For more information or to discuss your career transition and outplacement requirements, call us on (02) 9220 3595 or email us here.