• "Choose a JOB you love and you will never have to WORK a day in your life!”

Have you ever landed your dream job, only to have it turn into a nightmare? Or found the perfect role but discovered the organisation was not a good fit?

Since 2003, JobFitts Consultants have been matching wonderful people with great companies in Australia. We will find you a role where you will thrive in an organisation you will love working for.

Our specialist team of recruitment consultants work with you to understand your career goals and what you value in the workplace. Then, we match your skills and experience with a company who needs them. Most importantly, we will only send you to companies where you will fit smoothly into their team.

Our approach to finding people great job is so successful that 98% of our permanent placements stay in their roles for at least two years.

You are likely to get promoted with our clients. 

This means you’re more likely to achieve those career goals and dreams. You’ll also save time, energy and hassle searching for higher-level positions later.

75% of these placements get promoted internally and 17% move into leadership roles.

How Do We Do It?

JobFitts achieves these results by getting to know you as a person. We look beyond your CV to discover what you love about your job and what you value in a company. We’ll also ask you about your career direction and goals.

This helps us place you in an organisation that will value your skills and experience and where you’ll feel comfortable with the company’s culture. We find you the perfect fit in an organisation where you will flourish.

We will never waste your time sending you for interviews that aren’t a good match. If you’ve ever spent hours tweaking your CV and attending suitable interviews, you’ll know how frustrating it is to discover an organisation isn’t right for you.

For us, finding you a job is about more than filling a vacancy. We will work with you through every step of the recruitment journey, from submitting your CV to ensuring you slot easily into your new role.  We will keep you updated throughout the recruitment process.

At JobFitts, our strong industry background and extensive network of contacts mean we often know about job openings before they are advertised.

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