Is Your LinkedIn Profile Standing Out In The Financial Services Sector?

Linkedin has grown at a rapid rate over the last twelve years, along with many other social networks. However, the critical point to remember is that LinkedIn is the most significant business social network outside of China. 

LinkedIn has grown to over 500 million users, with a significant proportion outside the United States. 

In fact, did you know that LinkedIn now has over 4.2 million active monthly users in Australia? 

This means it affords you an excellent opportunity to profile your expertise as a financial services sector employee of choice.  

Your Online CV 

Though your resume is a vital document to sell your skill set and capability to an employer your LinkedIn profile will also speak volumes about your professional financial services sector profile. 

Unless you share a name with a well-known person it is likely that your LinkedIn profile will appear in the search engines; generally on the first page. 

This means that it is easy for recruitment companies and employers to check you out before the interview. 

The question is, does your profile make you stand out? 

Your Profile Needs Your Time And Attention 

A common theme we notice is that many individuals do not give their profile the care and attention it needs, especially when they are considering a career move. 

Your resume looks great however you might have forgotten to give your profile the attention it requires. Perhaps you are one of the many people who created a LinkedIn profile years ago, filled in part of it and then left it; it happens a lot. 

The good news is it is easy to fix, and we have some best practice steps for you to follow. 

Use a Professional Headshot 

LinkedIn produces numerous reports that demonstrate the power of your profile. Here is one easy fix. People with a professional looking profile shot can get 14 times more profile views. Web browser viewing technology known as heat mapping also demonstrates that viewers of your profile are drawn to the top where your picture is.  

Head and shoulders are the best shots. Your face, preferably smiling in professional business attire makes the best impact, remember that people viewing your profile are imagining how you will fit into their financial organisation, so this is an easy way to make an impact. If we aren’t connected yet click this link. 

Get a friend or significant other to take a photograph with their smartphone in good lighting. You will be amazed at the quality. 

Your Summary 

It is easy with your summary to copy and paste your resume; please don’t it really is a wasted opportunity. Instead, why not talk about the value you will add to an organisation alongside your skill set.  

Many people list a few roles they have had in this section if they use it at all. Be different and stand out by explaining how you might help a potential new employer solve their problems; it is worth it. 

List All Your Important Skills 

In a similar vein to your resume, list all the skills that you have acquired over time that would be important to prospective employers. If we are representing you as your recruiter, we would have already sent them your resume. However, they will be looking for consistency on precisely what you are communicating about your skills and ability to carry out the role they are recruiting for. 


If you have not got any; then ask for them from your contacts. All too often people are shy about asking for validations of their work. The good news that might surprise you is that many people are more than willing to give you a recommendation. 

One Final Thing….Fill it Out in Full 

There are numerous sections you can utilise on your summary. From adding all your contact details in full to adding videos and PowerPoints; something that isn’t possible on your resume. 

It is interesting the impression people get from reading a full LinkedIn profile. It sends a message to employers that you are a person with attention to detail and who take their career and work life seriously. Oh! And you are a completer finisher which employers love. 

Remember in the financial service sector employers love detail and expect it from their employees. People can still make a judgement when looking at a lightweight profile, make sure that this does not happen to you. 

What Next? 

If you are still unsure what to add in or leave out of your LinkedIn profile or would like a confidential conversation about your career, then do get in touch here. Alternatively, call us on (02) 9220 3595 

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